On the market for used helicopters,
IBC AERO is six employees, installed in Lurs (04)
and an average August to December machines sold
each year. François Jolifier graduate
Engineering Mechanics specialization
Aerospace, STI of Fribourg in Switzerland
sells light helicopters type
"Alouette", "Colibri", "Squirrel", ect. 98%
of my machines are French. IBC AERO
to the largest stock of Alouettes and parts
France. A dozen flying, and
Workshop ten.
Equipment of high quality that
never tired of boasting
"Civilized" devices
IBC AERO Lurs, is a bit of point
nerve trade François
Jolifier. However, upstream, the entrepreneur
assigned to another company, based
in Perpignan (Pyrénées Orientales). AMM
(for Aero Maintenance Mediterranean)
employs seven people, mainly
on the mechanical component. All that is
disassembly, up to standard equipment,
repairs, their échoie. AMM
headed by Denis Feron, has the "
necessary amenities "vis-à-vis the
Directorate General of Civil Aviation.
Helicopters come in particular
lots purchased in the army, they come
Germany, Belgium, Slovenia or
elsewhere. Military equipment of a state
exceptional technique is highly maintained,
the engines are "civilized" in Switzerland, and these
military machines are transformed
final solids civilian gear. It takes
three months and one year for a device
military do its metamorphosis.
Among the customers of IBC AERO: schools, clubs,
companies and private pilots. with
secondary bases in Turin (Italy) and
Barcelona (Spain), the company turns
much to the international market.

François Jolifier, redeems and
resells helicopters and parts
mechanical through his company
IBC AERO since 1993. The devices
French as "Alouette" of
solid machines, often military,
who give her a second life

IBC - François Jolifier
Tel. 04 92 79 12 02